What is Flamingo Noise?

Flamingo Noise is a little record label based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Is it the same like Koepfen Records?

No, Koepfen Records called it a day but I still do distribute that records and tapes that are in stock. So you can buy them in the shop, or if you run a label or distro feel free to ask for wholesale or trade.

Can I ask you to have our records in your distro?

If you are in a band or run a label, I am always up to have new records or tapes in the shop. So feel free to ask.

I ordered a record, how long do I have to wait for it?

Usually i try to ship the records the same day or the day after. Sometimes I am just lazy or have things to do, so it can be possible that it gales a bit more. Shipping within Germany takes about 2-3 days. But that's out of my hands. There can be delays. If you live out of Germany it usually takes about 10 days. If you're lucky, a bit less.

I never received my records, what can I do?

if you don't receive your package please let me know and I try to find out what the problem is. Because of higher shipping costs international buyers always have the possibility to chose between tracked shipping or standard. I only can try to find out about lost packages if you chose with tracking. If a package really got lost I will send you a new record (if i still have a copy) or refund you. If you are lucky and after a month the other package also arrives, you can keep thag of course and maybe make a friend a present!

I don't live in Germany and want to order more than 2 records, how much is shipping?

International shipping isn't that expensive for only 1 or 2 records. But it will be much higher for more records. So please, if you want to order more stuff, contact me and we will find the best option to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

There was a record in my package that I didn't order, what should I do?

Take it out of the package, out of the sleeve, spin it on your player and enjoy. I sometimes add free stuff to packages.

I play in a band or know a band that wants to release something. Can I ask you for help?

Feel free to send a message to flamingonoiserecords@gmail.com.

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